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Kieran Best    Food is your medicine. Absolutely, I couldn’t agree more. Healthy diet, healthy lifestyle, healthy attitude is a fabulous recipe for being a generally ‘Healthy person”.

I’m a pretty well educated sort of person, I’d like to think of myself as a “Healthy person”, and as the ‘personal shopper’, ‘head chef’ and ‘nutritionist’ of our family I would like to think that I provide fairly healthy meals and snacks for our growing children. I’d say I’m pretty good… maybe the 80/20 principle applies, but still pretty good I think!

Possibly even a bit more ‘health’ conscious than the average… but generally I’m aware of trying to maintain some sort of balance physically, spiritually, mentally and emotionally.     Very recently, I have been COMPLETELY re educated!

Mum always provided ‘good’ food with lots of fruit and veg and basic meat dishes… they weren’t usually that exciting, but we had to learnt to get over that unless I wanted to sort my own meals… I almost as quickly realised that I certainly had NO interest in putting time and effort into slaving away to produce special/exciting/varied dishes that would be devoured just as quickly, if not quicker than a basic, healthy, no additive serve of meat and veg! (Even WITH a $2000 Thermomix!) SIMPLE… I thought.

I read labels to some degree… and make what I think to be ‘healthy’ choices. My Dietician brother with his PhD never quite answers the phone when I’m in the middle of a supermarket isle with the 2 and 4 yr old sharing a seat in the trolley, starting to get to that ‘little bit feral’ stage, so I can’t quickly ask him to translate the couple of ingredients that I’m not quite sure of… but usually, I choose the lower sugar, lower salt, more natural sugar ingredients, normal fat content options with the smallest ingredient list on the comparable labels. As a general rule of thumb, I thought the ingredients listed on a label had to be in order of highest proportion to lowest proportion, so even if the ‘nasty stuff’ was at the end of the ingredient list… it may not be so bad cause there might not be too much in it… lol… I was hoping anyway!

Well… only now, in 2016, in my mid 30s, has it REALLY started to come to my attention what my parents have probably been trying to make me realise for years…what is ACTUALLY IN our food, and what companies are legally NOT obliged to put on their labels!

Disgusted is not right, appauled isn’t even accurate, absolutely HORRIFIED is probably more like it if there was actually a word appropriate to describe how I feel.

Did you know that companies didn’t actually have to list EVERYTHING that makes up their food products? For instance, if their honey contains less than 65% sugar, it doesn’t have to mention ‘sugar’ on the label, instead it is ALLOWED to be called 100% Honey! Are you serious?? On WHAT planet should THAT be legal, ethical or allowed!

Or to be labelled “produce/product of Australia”.. as long as its an Australian package with an Australian label… then it qualifies…. Never mind the product you are trying to buy INSIDE the labelled package is not from even anywhere NEAR Australia… WHAT THE???

Or how about we just blatantly lie… we call a product Oregano… list the ingredients as such…and then really just fill the sachet with 5% Oregano (or less!) and then toss in a bunch of non-functional filler leaves… I don’t even know where to start on how infuriatingly WRONG that is!

Even “Certified Organic” doesn’t have to be what is looks like it should be… like organic, and ‘healthy’ for you. Nope… there are ways around that too!

After my little … or massive week of re-education… I went shopping at the local supermarket… one of those big chain stores… you know the ones I mean. For the first time in my life I felt like all my knowledge, all my awareness, all my education and particularly ALL my efforts to keep my family healthy and on a well balanced diet that is mostly free of chemicals and harmful ingredients or certainly doesn’t contain excessive sugar was actually USELESS!

I picked up the basic can of diced tomatoes to make my own pasta sauce, looked at the ingredient list, then just put it back on the shelf because I knew I had absolutely NO WAY of finding out what was ACTUALLY in that can! Even if I had have rung the company, there was probably some legal clause that enabled them to also get away with not disclosing exactly what is in there!

THANK GOD, the UNIVERSE, thank everything out there that lead me to a new company! which is a platform that allows me to see the products transparently, with What is in the package, is ON the label! The country or area it is sourced from and even, WHY it is the way it is…

We wonder why we get sick, why our kids get sick, why we can’t shed ALL the weight we’d like to, or why the pimples are still an issue… whatever it is. But just MAYBE, a big something to do with it is what we put in and fuel our beings with several times a day!

I am more and more passionate about making food my medicine the more I learn about the amazing properties of food can have.

I am also passionate about building people… supporting people to become the BEST version of themselves that they can possibly be in that moment, then to continue to learn more and more about how they can become a constantly evolving ‘Better’ version of themselves.

It inspires me to think that maybe because of me and my support of a friend, colleague or fellow human bein.

What companies are allowed to get away with in Australia is absolutely horrifying.

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'Australians Are Demanding Transparency For What's On The Label'

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